• Baltic-Hills

There are a growing number of attractive golf courses available to our guests. These courses can be comfortably reached from Gross Toitin.

Golfclub Rügen Schloss Karnitz e.V., Karnitz on the island of Rügen, Tel.: 038304-82470, www.golfclub-ruegen.de, Distance: 50 km

Balmer See – Insel Usedom e.V., Neppermin of the island of Usedom, Tel.: 038379-28199, www.golfpark-usedom.de, Distance: 55 km

Baltic Hills Usedom, Korswandt on the island of Usedom, Tel.: 038378-805070, www.baltic-hills.de, Distance: 64 km

Hanseatischer Golfclub e.V., Greifswald, Tel.: 03834-835523, www.golfclub-greifswald.de, Distance: 28 km

Golfpark Strelasund GmbH & Co. KG, Sünderholz close to Grimmen, Tel.: 038326-469250, www.golfpark-strelasund.de, Distance: 31 km

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