• Kutscherhaus-Garten-Bank

Gutshaus Groß Toitin is surrounded by extensive gardens. Manor House and Coachman’s Cottage provide their own, unique garden experiences.

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden stretches out from the South terrace of the Manor House. In spring and summer, hundreds of different kinds of roses bloom there.

Herb and Scent Garden

Surrounded by historic brick walls and hedges, the herbs for the kitchen of the Gutshaus Groß Toitin grow in the Herb Garden behind the historic Coachman’s Cottage. For the guests of the Cottage, the Herb Garden is a private retreat full of different colours and scents.

Vegetable Garden

Each year, various vegetables grow beyond the north lawn of the garden. Vegetables and herbs straight from the garden taste better than anything you can buy. Guests are invited to harvest and taste vegetables, berries and fruit.

Boules court

Boules is very old and dates back to the fifth century BC in Greece. No reason to pursue this pastime only on a visit to France. On warm summer days, enjoy a wine from our cellar (and lemonade for the children).


Sheltered behind a natural stone walls, at the garden pond and overlooking open fields, our guests are invited to barbecue.